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101 Tea Plantation


The Tsai family have been harvesting tea in Taiwan for over three generations (Since 1901). Mr. Tsai was introduced to the traditional methods of tea drinking and brewing by his grandfather during his childhood. Mr. Tsai thanks his grandfather for teaching him the virtues of patience and dedication which have allowed him to harvest superior quality tea. Mastering this growing awareness of tea has allowed the Tsai family to bring premier High Mountain Oolong, Green Tea and Eastern Beauty Teas, Organic and Bio-diverse Ancient Forest Teas and Pu-erh Tea to the American markets.

Mr. Tsai established the 101 Tea Plantation name. 101 is pronounced "Yi Ling Yi" in chinese, which means "the best" in the local Minan dialect of Taiwan. The name was chosen well before the famous skyscaper of the same name was built in Taipei.

101 Tea Plantations are involved in growing some of the premier high mountain wulong of Taiwan. We also built a relationship with tribes in the Yunnan's Lan Cang River Valley, becoming joint stewards of the oldest largest tea plantation of its kind, dating back 1,700 years. The tea groves of JingMai and ManJing Mountain are 100% pure organic and bio-diverse.

101 Tea Plantations are also involved in the King of Thailand's Royal movement to change the golden triangle opium trade by substituting tea crops in their place, giving the local communities a more stable and safe means of living. The Queen of Thailand herself came to visit and honor the work of tea plantations such as 101 in the Mae Salong area of Northern Thailand. It is here we grow Taiwanese high mountain wu-long strains, in this fresh and natural landscape.

Why 101 TEA Plantation?

With generations of experience in planting and harvesting tea, 101 Tea Plantation has extended our tea growing territory and facilities from central Taiwan into other South East Asian countries including China. As a result of our experience and reputation, 101 TEA Plantation was invited and qualified by the Chinese government in Yunnan province to utilize our techniques in an effort to include all the ancient tea plantations in this great region under one centralized management. 101 TEA Plantation has exclusively been invited to further develop this precious land, as well as marketing its tea and other associated rich, natural products.

Our Basic Approach:

Considering this great responsibility, our first goal is to actively protect this valuable, historical region. In addition to the vast amount of time and money invested into research and planning, we have also established new factories and facilities for taking these precious tea products to a higher level. It is our hope that in the near future this unique landmark will serve as a top-notch educational and touring spot for tea enthusiasts the world over.

Market Outlook:

Spring 2004 was our debut of this tea into US market. With years of history and rich culture behind our teas, we believe it is a truly unique product with a wonderful story to sell for those in marketing. As we all know the current tea market has tremendous potential for growth, 101 TEA Plantation welcomes all distributors and wholesalers as well as any inquiries regarding private labeling and packaging.


Recent Events

Take Me 2 Tea Expo, Las Vegas, NV, March 2004

The Take Me 2 Tea Expo in Las Vegas was the first time that 101 TEA Plantation introduced the Ancient Tea Plantation in the United States. The exhibition drew a great deal of interest in the history of tea. Attendees were amazed by the high quality of tea produced by these ancient tea trees.

Lan Cang, Yunnan, China, August 2003

In August of 2003, a contract ceremony was held at the site of Lan Cang 101 TEA Plantation. 101 TEA Plantation received a 50-year exclusive contract from the Chinese government with full rights in managing, operating, and developing the Ancient Tea Plantation.

2nd China Pu-Er Tea International Seminar, Lan Cang, Yunnan, China, 2002

The Ancient Tea Plantation was one of the focus topics during this seminar. Researchers and experts discussed and evaluated the Ancient Tea Plantation. The seminar once again confirmed the historic and economic value of this ancient treasure, and urged commercial development for quality production and tourism.

Tea Products from the Ancient Tea Plantation:

With advanced techniques and recipes developed by the masters with generations of experience, 101 TEA Plantation is known for producing a full spectrum of teas to meet market demands and tailor to customer's preferences. In addition to our effort in maintaining the production of various tea products using traditional methods, we have also developed several new products by using the tea harvested from the ancient tea trees. They continue to develop new products and welcome your feedback in taking this precious tea to a higher level of production and appreciation.















The 101 Tea Plantations Story